Saturday, August 30, 2008

All about Radio Bogdan

Hey! If you are here, then you probably want to listen to radio Bogdan. If this is so, simply copy the hyperlink below into your browser's address bar, and if you have an application that supports shoutcast streams, you are good to go.
that's the URL for the radio
or, you can click

this link

however, I do not have a static IP, and so that IP is only valid at the time of writing. If it does not work, you should go to and type in "Bogdan" into the search.
In case you don't have Winamp already (why wouldn't you, its great!), you should go download it immediately.
As it stands, the radio station is being hosted on one of my home computers, and I only have enough bandwidth for 7 listeners. There are NO ads, so if you wish to donate bandwidth, please email me at
Finally, please leave feedback in the form of emails or comments on the blog, because if a song sucks and I just don't realize it, it would be good to know
PS. Why is the radio station named radio Bogdan? Because I couldn't think of anything better. If you can, once again either email me, or leave a comment here.

PSS. turn off your equalizer!